Kakatiya Patrika



Mission Statement

The main aim of this website is to collect and disseminate information and artifacts of the Kakatiya Patrika that was first established in 1944 by late Sri Pamulaparthi Sadasiva Rao garu in Warangal.

Vision Statement

The KakatiyaPatrika.com website will be one of the best of the Indian regional websites with focus on Literature, Culture, and Social aspects of the lives of people of Telangana.

About Kakatiya Patrika
Kakatiya Patrika was first started by Sri Pamulaparthi Sadasiva Rao and the late Prime Minister of India Sri Pamulaparthi Venkata Narasimha Rao, along with a few others in 1944. This initial start did not really pick-up. Later on, again in 1946, this was attempted again. This fort-nightly magazine became a huge success this time and was published for eight to nine consecutive years.
The publication remained closed from around 1955 and an attempt was made to re-start in 1966 again, without much success.

Contact: kakatiya.patrika@gmail.com